About Floor Coatings Inclusive

About Floor Coatings Inclusive & How We Help You

Most floor coating installations are complex and there’s always the risk that something could go wrong–often resulting in a very expensive mistake.

As industrial publication editors, our team found that the marketplace lacks a reliable resource addressing the tough questions… questions posed by concrete floor coating contractors, architects, facility managers, and manufacturers for their floor repair and protection projects.

We have found that most of the information out there is biased – heavily slanted towards a particular manufacturer or contractor. The other problem is that well-meaning information providers are unintentionally passing on wrong-headed or impossibly complex advice.

Why We Created This Website

Our response to this situation was the 2010 founding of The Floor Coating Technology Institute. And this website, Floor Coatings Inclusive, is our inaugural publication for the Institute.

But we ran into another problem…

Getting the “right” information published proved to be a daunting task…how do you create something that is totally unbiased and relevant to visitors?

We concluded that the best way to approach this task was to find a sponsor to underwrite and support the research effort with full agreement that we would not be using this site to promote their products.

Can We Remain Vendor Neutral?

We want to remain transparent and as unbiased in our coverage as we can possibly manage. And at the same time, we want to support our sponsor by giving them some modest recognition. So, aside from a link to our financial backers (mentioned below), you won’t see ads or shameless plugs for a particular manufacturer.

This allows for a “non-commercial” approach to discussing concrete floor coatings educational topics.

Knowledge constantly evolves. Each day brings new discoveries in technology and the methods employed in floor coating. If this touches upon your field of interest, search no more as this is the only site of its kind devoted exclusively to the floor coating contractor and their customers, including architects, general contractors and manufacturers.

We Welcome Your Information Submissions

The Floor Coating Technology Institute extends a warm welcome to contractors and their customers to submit information about a successful job to headline on the site.

This type of input is what the site is all about. The leading contractors and people who serve the industry are featured here. Photographs and information you provide are given full credit and attribution to your company. Consultants, engineers and architects, your input is welcome, as well.

If there’s information you wish to contribute, please contact The Floor Coatings Inclusive Editorial Team via our contact form.

Our Financial Backers

This knowledge-based, non-commercial project is provided by the “The Floor Coating Technology Institute” and is underwritten with funding and support from Garon Products Inc. — an ISO 9001:2008 certified company annually audited by UL-DQS.

Garon is a direct marketer and manufacturer of concrete coatings and repair materials, operating since 1960. Over 350,000 business customers have relied upon Garon for knowledge, fast service and prompt shipment. This site is an extension of the company mission to provide products, knowledge and service to the floor coating industry and its customers.

Helpful links

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