Best Interior Concrete Flooring Systems for Temperature Extremes

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Cementitious Urethane Properties

Urethane cements, generally speaking, are the best choice for a concrete floor interior where there is a need for industrial coatings.

These interior concrete floors composed of urethane cements can thermal cycle higher and lower than most other concrete floor overlays  available.

Other types of interior concrete floors will not match the properties of cementitious urethane.

Floor Temperature Extremes

There are successful concrete flooring installations for dry ice manufacturers, to go directly on the concrete floor slab that is that cold.

Another application for interior floors is beneath oil fryers where boiling oil is dumped on the floor.

From top to bottom, every day of the week, urethane cements are the best in temperature extremes for a concrete floor.

The higher the temperature extreme, the more likely there’s going to be some alternate application also.

There’s plenty of systems that need to be installed a half inch thick, minimum, in order to handle the extremes, but for these guidelines, you need to contact the manufacturer and have it installed per instructions for interior concrete flooring.

Interior Concrete Basement Floors

Always consult the manufacturer when you need concrete flooring for interior concrete basement floors. Concrete basement floors require special consideration due to moisture issues.

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