Upgrade the Apperance, Brightness, and Cleanliness of Food Production Floors

“The president of our company has recently required that we resurface our production areas and ensure that the entire production facility is a showcase for cleanliness. He wants the production workers to have a brighter floor area than we presently have. We manufacture food ingredients, and these have eaten away the concrete in some areas, but all production and packaging areas are affected.”

One of the main culprits to concrete erosion in industrial food processing or commercial food processing is sugars and salts. They actually eat away at cement, and eventually at a certain point in time, even attack epoxy coatings, depending on the cleanliness and how well the floor is maintained.

So once again, urethane cements are preferred in these areas. What’s nice about them, you don’t have to shut the entire facility down…because the urethane cements dry quickly and there’s no cross contamination with foodstuff or food products, you can actually work right alongside of an operating cook line
It’s done as a regular course of business, and it’s a really great way to change the appearance of a floor. Also, the way they’re installed, you can vary thicknesses with whatever needs to be done to make it a nice, uniform look. In addition to standards, other colors and decorative aggregates are available for a custom requirement such as corporate color matches, etc.