What are the outstanding features of polyurea coatings for food production floor areas?

In general, a polyurea coating has a fast cure.  But the only area for polyurea coatings being advantageous in a food processing area is if a decorative floor surface is desired. 

 You’d use it in conjunction with urethane mortar just to speed up final coats.  However, polyurea floor coatings aren’t really used in food processing areas anymore.

Polyurea floor coatings are great for just about anywhere else.  Because they are a urethane, they do have some good chemical resistance, very good scratch resistance and abrasion resistance and they have fast dry times so you can do multiple coats in a day.

So that’s where they are used, just not in food processing. It might work well say, in the front of the house in a restaurant. If you’re in a restaurant in front of the house you do something decorative and a quick turnaround.

Functionally, polyurea coatings protective feature offers attractive features worthy of further testing and investigation.