Product specification recommendations for concrete flooring systems

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Handling Differing Product Recommendations

If a manufacturer of concrete flooring systems recommends a product for specification for your installation job, but the contractor recommends a different product, I would say at that point in time, ask another manufacturer or ask a variety of installers of flooring systems.

Contractor Product Verification

Obviously the manufacturer should be providing somebody reliable information. There have been situations where the facility manager got some information over the phone on a resin concrete floor system and then an installer arrived to the job site and said, “Yeah, that’s really not going to work.”

Because obviously, this contractor had to ask all kinds of questions about your facility floor and come up with concrete flooring ideas.  The facility manager might not even be able to explain to the manufacturer over the phone what his circumstances really are.

Key Players in Product Decision-Making

Usually, you have to have a conference at that point in time with all parties concerned to discuss resin floor system options. Typically, though, there’s two ways this can go.

This can go the right way, and that would be, the manufacturer recommends certain concrete floor systems or something else. Then when the contractor sees the floor he will see you need something thicker, better, stronger because of other variables of the concrete flooring.

Or, the other way, they bring in an installer of concrete floor systems that’s not with that manufacturer, and they bring in somebody else who, say, he only works with epoxy floor coatings.

Role of a Consultant

If a floor coating consultant recommends a urethane cement system, and the installer brought in to do the estimate doesn’t work with urethane cement, of course he’s going to tell you don’t need a urethane cement. He only works with epoxy flooring systems or coating concrete walls or something else.

So, that’s where a floor coating consultant can give you the education.  He’ll come in to your facility and explain all the resin systems, all of the concrete floor systems, and suggest the system best for you.  If it’s a urethane mortar that’s needed, the consultant will let you know if it’s the only thing that’s going to work.

For that same floor installation project, if an installer comes in and quotes an epoxy floor coating, and tells you that an epoxy will work, it may be because, number one, its’ probably cheaper; two, probably because they don’t work with urethane cements. 

Ask them this, “Can it handle vapor transmission rates up to 12 pounds? Can it stay malleable over the course of time? Can it do this? Can it do that?”  The reality is, no, it can’t. The consultant will give you the reason why they don’t recommend an epoxy coating.

It’s easy to recommend a nice epoxy flooring system that’s really inexpensive and get the job real quickly and easily…they’re in; out of here.  But, in the end, the end user is the one that suffers, if all that is recommended is the cheapest thing they’ve got.