What Separates Decorative from Durable Floor Coatings?

“We just received approval of our floor resurfacing budget. One of the objectives is to provide an area that is attractive to look at, not only for our workers, but also outside visitors who come to our showroom. The area is subject to heavy traffic. What should I use?”

Yes. I understand. In a showroom where appearance is very important, one of the decorative quartz or decorative flake floors can be very attractive. And yet, it will offer the same durability, wear-ability as a more commercial floor done in the back half of the facility that might be a solid color.

At the end of the day, a typical quartz floor is like glue and rocks. In the back in the warehousing areas, you might use a certain type of epoxy or a certain type of urethane mixed with aggregates that are a natural color or the epoxy part could be pigmented.

But in your front half, in the showroom area, we can do a system that’s just as durable, but much more decorative, just by switching to a clear epoxy or clear binder and then using colored rocks like the colored quartz or the decorative flakes. This is the most prevalent type of epoxy installation. It is done all the time.