How to know a floor requires an epoxy floor concrete coating

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Epoxy Floor Advantages

You can put epoxy coatings just about anywhere.  The basic advantage of epoxy floors, no matter what the resin system is that it’s seamless, number one. So it’s going to stop something getting down into the ground water. 

If you’re going to talk about the only spot where that may be required, you’d have to talk to whatever municipalities or governmental bodies governing your type of work that you do. In these cases the specification for an epoxy floor area would need to be changed to use a different resin material.

“Required” Epoxy Floor Coating Specifications

If you look at industrial flooring for something like the fragrance industry or the pharmaceutical industry or even gas and marine and auto body, they often specify epoxy coatings. There’s a law now on the east coastal east end of Long Island that says that all industrial floors have to be coated with a seamless floor coating system to stop hydrocarbons from penetrating into the ground water.

This is the only kind of situation where you can be looking at it as a required epoxy coating.  Facility Managers should know that before a contractor walked through the door.

Manufacturer Recommendations

Contractors say a lot of things that don’t really hold much water. You should never be asking a contractor what his recommendation is for your floor. You should be going to a manufacturer because a manufacturer can give good recommendations or you can do some research online or check on other similar industries.

This is why facilities guys of a higher level are all part of organizations like the IFMA and different kinds of groups where they can bounce stuff off each other. Because if you’re going to the guy who’s trying to write the contract to get the job, he’ll most likely tell you whatever it takes to get the job.  But there are good people out there that’ll tell you the truth.

For instance, with food processing facilities, if contractors are going in and the contractor has been told he could get four bucks a foot for the job he’ll tell them, “Oh, you need an epoxy floor.”  He didn’t tell them, “You need an epoxy floor” because what you can afford is an epoxy floor.  

If that was the truth, this guy thought he was getting an epoxy floor because that’s what he needed in the kitchen.  The reality was, the only reason he needed an epoxy floor was because he couldn’t afford to do it the right way.

So when the floor came up and it was failing, he comes back to the manufacturer and the manufacturer says to him: “Go get a lawyer. Sue that guy. Go to our website, you’re not going to see anything on the website that says epoxy floors are made for your kitchen.”

The product’s not failing. The product wasn’t installed properly. It was not the appropriate use for the floor coatings system. You can’t expect the coating to last if it’s used in an environment it’s not designed to be used in.

Decorative Epoxy Coating Installations

You will find that in residential garage floor coating you find that epoxy concrete garage floor surfaces are installed. This epoxy floor construction is desirable for the decorative effect of “epoxy carpet concrete”  or “epoxy floor stone” in the garage and on the basement floor concrete surface.

Garage and basement epoxy floor building construction is specified more and more for its decorative and wear resistant properties. These epoxy coatings are probably well suited to these applications.