Topcoating with a polyurethane floor coating

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Three Main Benefits

Generally speaking, polyurethane floor coverings are put on top of epoxy resin floor coatings for chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and UV stability. Those are the three reasons that urethanes are put on top of epoxy concrete flooring.  

Epoxy Floor Coating Enhancement

Polyurethane floor coatings offer much more abrasion resistance and chemical resistance, and they are light stable if it’s aliphatic polyurethane. Concrete flooring ideas such as this can greatly enhance an installation for minimal additional cost.

There are aromatic urethane’s that are not light stable. Those tend to be more chemical resistant than an aliphatic. As far as re-applying the top coat, that really depends on use. 

They’re done within a re-coat window, so when you need to get the floor redone, you just get it redone.  There’s no window of time dictating when you’ve got to do a freshen‑up coat for epoxy coatings every couple years or something like that. It’s just not a typical thing.

It lasts the lifetime of the concrete flooring system. And that can vary greatly depending on people’s cleaning habits and use.