Applying a specified concrete floor epoxy coating exceeding conditions listed on the manufacturer’s product data sheet can create some big problems.

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Manufacturer’s Product Instructions

There is always a safety factor built into recommendations from a manufacturer. However, that being said, if you ever apply concrete floor coatings against an epoxy floor coatings manufacturer’s instructions, you automatically void any kind of warranty from the manufacturer, and that’s not just in the floor coatings industry.

That’s just the general rule of thumb for epoxy floor coating and all epoxy floors in general.

The reason the manufacturer asks the end-user all of those questions is because they can only recommend floor coating systems that can be installed according to their instructions.

Even if a contractor was going to do it, and there’s lot of stuff that happens in the field, where things are pushed to the limit. I mean, there’s no doubt about that.

Everyone’s just trying to make a living, but there’s a big difference between actually doing something that you know you can do, and telling somebody you’re doing something wrong.

Knowledgable Contractors Know Product Limitations

Everything becomes much more difficult whenever you’re pushing something to its minimum or maximum limitations. It just gets harder to install. It has to do with how it’s going to look or how it’s going to perform and then decide if it’s recommended.

The biggest issue with that would be when you’re putting a urethane coat over an epoxy coating, if you’re too close to the dew point, the urethane coating can blush and even peel off.

Epoxy Coating Application Environment

That’s probably one of the largest factors that installers run into. In the northeast, it’s almost not an issue at all. There might actually be two or three days out of the year when it could possibly even happen.

Down south where it’s obviously more humid, they run into it more often. But that’s where the training counts too.  Good contractors, if they’re trained properly, can get around those things.

It does not matter if it’s a basement floor epoxy coating, a clear floor epoxy coating, a garage floor covering floor paint or even a wood floor epoxy coating. 

Be warned that breaking a warranty puts the real estate owner at risk. The complexity of industrial floor epoxy coating such as a 100% solids epoxy certainly is more demanding than residential applications but the rules remain the same.