Epoxy Coating Systems Are Designed for Versatile Applications

“We have sports locker rooms that need attractive, durable and easy to clean floors while feeling comfortable and slip resistant for the students. Could the same floor coating be used in our laboratories and lavatories as well?”

Sure. The only difference may be a change in the topcoat, depending on what products you actually have in your laboratories. Could you do similar colors? The answer is yes.

Typically, in locker room facilities, shower room facilities, you’re looking for something decorative, you do a colored quartz floor, or you do a decorative flake floor. Those products use 100% solids epoxy products as the binder to hold the aggregates together.

And then in locker rooms, many times you’ll use some type of urethane as the final dressing coat, and that gives them better UV stability, that gives them better chemical resistance and better abrasion resistance.

So typically, again, there might be a change in the actual urethane topcoat when you go into a laboratory, but generically speaking, yes; you could use the same flooring system. It’s done on a regular basis.