What questions should I ask the manufacturer to guide me in proper selection of epoxy floor coverings for my facility needs?

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Who Does the Asking?

If you are wondering what questions you should ask the manufacturer in order to get the best epoxy floor coating suggestion for your project, to be honest you shouldn’t ask him anything.

The manufacturer should be the one asking you all the questions and you should give him all the answers that he needs to the best of your ability. And if you don’t know the answer to the question you’re being asked, go find it.  

Manufacturer’s Role

Now, along the way, the manufacture should educate you on epoxy technology and epoxy flooring coating systems in general, because you want to be able to know those things, but in the beginning, you just want to get the right person there that’ll ask you the questions.

Now, do you want to have the information on epoxy floor coverings or other floor coating systems that you should have available? That’s another whole set of questions.

Consultant Filters Information

There’s 15 – 20 questions that any good coating consultant’s going to ask to find out what the recommended product would be, and it’s all a period of filtering information.

For almost every situation, the floor coatings consultant will have all of the tools available, every resin system, every thickness, every color, every speed, etc. 

And then every time a questions is asked, the filtering continues…”OK, that one’s out, that one’s out, that one’s out….” And then when you get down towards the bottom, it’ll become very clear as each question is asked, which one of the products the consultant will recommend.

Typical Questions to End-User

Some typical questions include: Number one, how many square feet? Number two, how many phases do you see the job being done in? So, now they’ve got your total square footage for the job and they have the number of phases per square feet.  

Have you always been in this building? If not, what was the building, the floor, that area, used for before you got into the building? So, you want to know what was on that floor beforehand as far as chemicals and things like that.

What system is on the floor now? Is it an epoxy floor? How long has the current floor system been down? Have you had any problems with that flooring system? Bubbling, cracking, peeling, flaking?

Are you a union shop? Would you need to have union employees or non‑union employees?

Would this be done while other people are in the building? Are you going to have this done on nights? Are you going to have it done on weekends? Are you looking for holidays? What are you going to use the building for right after the fact?

These questions are what a quality manufacturer lives and dies by, because that’s how they decide what they can and can’t use. 

And they go on. They go on and on and on. Is it a wet environment? Is there a lot of heat?  They just keep right on going down the line.

Somewhere along the line they’re going to discuss floor coating installers who install epoxy floor coating systems.