If I choose a fast set epoxy resin flooring resurfacer, is it more economical than a slow set?

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Shut-Down Time Is a Major Factor

When choosing an epoxy resinous flooring system, the set time, whether fast or slow really doesn’t have an impact. Over the cost of the epoxy resin flooring, there shouldn’t be any cost differential. It really all depends on how much time you have to work with it.

Faster Dry Time = More Labor

It may cost you more money because if you’re doing a job, and you want it to dry as quickly as possible, you’re going to end up having more labor because it might take a few extra bodies to work with something that dries really fast.

And also, typical epoxy resin flooring systems are done in multiple coats, so the only way you can really speed up the entire flooring system is to work second and third shifts. So, you can run into cost overruns on labor, because you’re going to run into time-frame issues.

Let’s put it this way. If it takes three days, and three men per day, that’s nine man‑days to do a system, at a regular pace.

Now you want to do it with a fast-setting epoxy, and you’re going to get it done in 24 hours, it’s still going to take three shifts to install the epoxy flooring, three man‑days a shift, and maybe even a fourth guy thrown in there because of the faster speeds, so you still have your nine man‑days, and maybe you might even go to twelve man‑days to get it done.

So, when you look at epoxy resin floors that way, if you have two of those shifts done on off‑hours, weekends and nights, then you have labor issues.  

You’re going to be paying 50‑percent more for half of the man‑hours for the job. The cost goes up but it’s not really a materials issue. It’s more of an installation issue.

Quote Options

You can ask for quotes for both slow and fast set options for your epoxy resin installation.  A good installer will price a job any way you want it.  Say you’ve got a floor area that’s 10,000 square feet, and you have seven dollars per square foot to spend.  The installer has to throw every option on the table possible.

They might be able to do that job, exactly the right way for that budget if they shut the whole building down and move everybody out for three days.

Now, that may not be feasible for you.  Well, that’s what your budget of seven dollars per square foot will give you for 10,000 square feet if you vacate the facility for three days.

Facility Shut-Down Capabilities

But, if you can’t move out for three days, the installer will need to know your facilities shut-down capabilities to determine how many square feet they can do at a time and how many mobilizations (shutdowns) it will take to complete the job. 

Every time you add to the number of mobilizations, the price goes up.  Installers have to work with the times that are available, and come up with options.

For example, if a facility manager needs the installation done in four phases and they were close on a price, the installer may offer an alternative of switching that epoxy resin floor coating to three mobilizations instead of four which will enable the installer to meet the facilities budget.  That’s 25‑percent less man hours.  This is something that is done as a normal course of business.

So you can see that the cost of epoxy resin floor covering can be computed many ways to meet budget demands. Industrial plants have a wide range of epoxy systems to choose from.

Fast set or slow set, epoxy floor coatings are part of a larger picture of choices for selecting a flooring system for your concrete floor. In the end a seamless epoxy resin flooring system that meets your expectations is the final objective.