What is the most reliable source for industrial epoxy flooring?

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Manufacturers Representative

In order to sort through the differing opinions you receive from installers, you should bypass the installers and go directly to the industrial epoxy flooring manufacturers and have a manufacturer’s rep explain the positives and the negatives of any given system, and then try to, on the consensus of the manufacturer, figure out the best system for you.  

Also, the Internet is obviously a great source of information nowadays. You should never go to the industrial epoxy flooring people who are trying to make money from you and ask them those kinds of questions. 

Floor Coating Consultant Educates

A coatings consultant makes their money by selling materials to installers who offer epoxy flooring services; not to end users.  So if an end user brings in a coatings consultant to a conference, the consultant is there for educational and informational purposes.

So that way, when the end user goes to the epoxy flooring installers he’ll have more information, and he’ll be more comfortable with the process.  Floor coating consultants can also help you solve your floor problems and tell you how to fix it.

Budgetary Considerations

Floor coating consultants get involved from a budgetary standpoint in economic epoxy flooring issues, because obviously that’s part of the consideration in the sales process: how much money do you have to spend?

Realistically, a whole lot of problems can be fixed for $10 a square foot. It’s a lot harder to fix problems at $1 a square foot. So, the consultant has to know what’s in play and on the table.

An End-User’s Guide

A knowledgeable floor coating consultant will know the strengths and weaknesses of industrial flooring installers – which firms apply urethane coatings, commercial epoxy flooring, etc and can guide you accordingly.

In the end, knowledge is transferred in the most efficient manner and the very best resources are brought together to produce a quality installation at the most efficient price.