Visiting a warehouse flooring installation for comparison

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Project Proposal

In most instances the customer is seeking reassurance when this question is asked. A properly presented proposal for commercial flooring and education in the details of the job in question will suffice.

However, there are numerous instances when the contractor fails to fully qualify the prospect before visiting the jobsite and arrives for an appointment only to find that he was wrong in his assumptions.

Let us take the case of a warehouse floor with wood floors, for example. The prospect may have a laminate flooring surface. These or solid hardwood flooring surfaces are not the type of jobs a flooring coatings contractor is adept at.

Manufacturer Recommendations

If that contractor doesn’t have the same exact crew and every variable isn’t exactly the same, you can’t compare. Every job is its own thing.

Now, spend your time more usefully but if an installer says “Don’t take my word for the fact this is the right system for your job, I have a coating consultant that I work with from one of my manufacturers, and he’s recommending this.

The manufacturer is recommending that this product be bid for your job. The details of your job have been reviewed with the manufacturer.

The manufacturer has knowledge of all the resin systems available and said that this resin system is appropriate.” Then you have a home run, that’s the way to go.

Consulting with the Manufacturer

An installer should be saying “Hey, you need to talk to the technical director of the manufacturer, let’s get him on a conference call”.

During that call there should be talk about what you have, talk about what you want and then talk about how it’s going to be and explain which is the better way.

This should be done before there is any discussion of price.  It does pay to have this type of call. It always pays to do your homework.  Education is power.

Warehouse Floor Installation Services

The customer could have factory flooring or shop flooring in an adjacent area to the solid hardwood flooring that would require his services for industrial flooring.

If the prospect needs warehouse floor painting or coating, the contractor would discuss warehouse floor cleaning, what floor cleaner is used, as well as warehouse floor repair.

Often the job will require warehouse floor marking or warehouse floor tape application or even warehouse floor labels application. These warehouse installation services are part of what a contractor who specializes in warehouse floors will offer.

Initial Search Criteria for Floor Coatings

When you go out to look for a contractor to coat your concrete warehouse flooring areas, you should always seek the manufacturer of polyurethane, epoxy or methyl methrylacrylate resin systems as the focus of your initial search and save not only time but also achieve the best remedy to your flooring environment.

These manufacturers can point you in the direction of a qualified contractor.

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