Best Flooring Environments for an Epoxy Floor Coating

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Applications for an Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy coatings, which have been used for many, many years, are successful in many different environments. The better question would be, where should epoxy coatings and epoxy flooring NOT be used?

What often happens, because some manufacturers don’t have other products besides epoxies, they are recommended to be used everywhere by epoxy floor coating contractors because it’s the only resin system they have.

Epoxy floors are their only expertise, a one trick pony.

epoxy floor coatingAs long as you need epoxy flooring, this is fine. These contractors are often quite adept in their specialization of epoxy concrete floor coating.

Some installers cater to residential garage flooring  that utilize epoxy floors and there have been successful epoxy basement floor coating installations, however, the epoxy concrete garage floor coating is much more prevalent.

Decorative Epoxy Options

That’s why you’ll find epoxy floor coating contractors, who have a limited source of resin systems to choose from, specialize in one resin system.

These contractors will offer clear epoxy top coat products consisting of coating kits they purchase from the manufacturer.

Often they’ll incorporate color chips, color flakes or clear epoxy floor coatings for industrial and commercial application but also some of these contractors will apply epoxy coatings to a  concrete garage floor.

These epoxy coatings can be very serviceable under conditions where the epoxy floor coatings are not subject to harsh environments. Garage floors do not normally get this type of exposure.

Best Uses

Epoxy floor coatings work best in areas like garage floors and industrial floor coating, where there is no moisture or moisture problem. This is the main factor.

Also, an industrial epoxy floor coating does not do well where there is high heat. Industrial epoxy floor coatings do not do well where there is attack of the concrete floor surface where there are biological materials.

There are other resin systems, other than epoxy floor coating, used in these areas.

So if you’re over cement concrete,  and you don’t have moisture issues and installation time’s not a factor and where you can install in multiple steps or multiple times,  floor epoxy coatings are the preferred systems.

But if you need higher impact, if you need something that can thermal cycle hotter, if you have something where there’s bacterial growth, due to food products, etc. then other resin systems would become preferable.

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