New Floor Coating Systems Technology

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Hybrid Floor Coating Systems

Hybrid floor coating systems are the most advanced. They give you a more permanent coating system. Essentially you are combining the best of all resin systems tailor-applied for your needs. It all depends on your area.

If you’re looking for some kind of standard, environment reigns over everything, but all things being equal?

floor coating systemsThe most important thing to know about today’s new technology is hybrid systems, where urethane cements are coupled with other types of resin systems to give you a better, longer lasting floor for similar costs.

Custom Designed Hybrid Floor Coating Systems

Contact a manufacturer of hybrid systems and utilize their experience coming out of their coating systems laboratories. Chances are they will have a specific specialty coating system for your application.

An example is your requirement for a non slip coating in critical areas. You are entitled to select a custom designed product offering the degree of slip protection you need.  There’s a lot to choose from.

Those that do a great job of containing moisture, polyurea coating systems, an epoxy coating system that can be used with cementitious urethane to achieve protective coating systems that are excellent industrial coating systems

Specialty Contractors

Look for a contractor who is a leader among specialty maintenance contractors who has a proven record of adding value and a reputation for managing field work processes and is recognized throughout the industry.

This is no small task. Contractors who specialize in specialty coating systems or concrete coating systems are your best bet for this technology.

These installers generally stay stay up on the latest technology news for industrial coatings, have good in-house resources and provide the customer service you need.

Again, stay away from those contractors who apply spray applied powder coating systems.

These contractors are not normally doing work in the specialty area of floor coating.

The Most Important Innovation in 20 Years

For example, here’s the latest revolutionary development in flooring technology not only in the US, but worldwide.

An enterprising manufacturer has mastered a formula for a gloss cementitious urethane coating.

This is an integral gloss actually built into the product, not an application of a top coating.  The hybrid system is the hottest thing going on the market today that still almost nobody knows about.

It is now possible to replace the stiff, hard to apply 1/4″ resurfacers with a self leveling primer that goes on an eighth of an inch, that you can hybrid and flip over into a decorative quartz floor or a decorative flake floor.

You can mix it with epoxy and urethane’s.  You can mix it with nothing but sucralose. Again, it’s the most important innovation in the seamless coating industry in 20 years.

If you know about this recent development and source the product, you have a significant edge in keeping costs down.

Hybrid Technology

Another example of hybrid technology involves methyl methacrylates. They excel at wear. They can be combined with other resin systems to produce exceptional results that are better than the coating would produce on its own merit.

One of their greatest properties is fast installation time but they also impart a high odor during installation. This limits where it can be used.

But if you can handle the high odor, they really excel in environments like retail; grocery stores or where you have a lot of foot traffic; malls; classrooms and hallways.

Life Cost Cycling of Methyl Methacrylates

Methyl methacrylates are fabulous because they have a wax coating built into them and their life cost cycling goes way down.

Their cost per square foot over time, when you factor in the maintenance and the cleaning, is very low because they don’t need to be waxed and they don’t need to be stripped.

They don’t microgroove and micro scratch like traditional epoxy/urethane topcoat systems.

Often grocery stores that were 10 – 11 years old still looked good with MMA systems. With epoxy systems, as good as epoxies are, there is no way you can expect the same performance under equal amount of foot traffic.

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