Reviewing an Industrial Floor Coatings Warranty

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Joint Warranties for Industrial Floor Coatings

Most warranties for concrete floor coatings are done to protect the installer of floor coatings more than the customer.

A typical warranty is a joint warranty that covers the manufacturer of the industrial epoxy floor coating and the installer of the industrial floor coating.

industrial floor coatingsThe manufacturer warrants that his material is sound and of good quality and matches the product data sheet as it goes out the door.

The installer certifies that he knows how to install it properly and preps the floor properly. So when you couple those two things together, that’s a solid warranty.

Warranty Coverage for Industrial Floor Coatings

Typically industry standard’s duration is one year covering that; some people ask for more. Usually anything over two years they start to prorate them.

Obviously they never cover wear, surface imperfections; they don’t cover moisture.  If you’re looking for a warranty then you look toward better floor coating systems that have better warranties.   So what to look for? Look for as little exclusions as possible and I’d say that a key thing though is a joint warranty with the manufacturer and the installer.

Warranty Types for Industrial Floor Coatings

Industrial floor coatings manufacturers produce a wide array of industrial floor coatings and industrial floor coating systems.

Whether you are looking for a warranty for chemical resistant flooring, commercial floor coatings, epoxy industrial floor coating, garage floor coatings or protective floor coatings, all should be covered with a very similar industrial concrete floor coatings waranty at the very basic level.

So always question industrial floor coatings suppliers about their warranties and the specifics of their industrial floor coatings in depth.

Does Bid Price Determine Warranty Coverage?

Price of the bid is irrespective of the warranty. Now, if you’re requiring a certain type of warranty that’s above and beyond the traditional one year; if you’re going to award someone to a low bidder, as long as they understand and give you what you ask for.  Again, price of the job is irrelevant when it comes to warranty.

You ask me for a 10 year warranty that covers everything, I can guarantee you that if everybody bids the job the same, even the low bidder won’t care; it won’t matter.

The only way it would matter is if he didn’t factor that into his price.

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