10 Things You Must Know About an Installer’s Coating Services

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1. References for Coating Services

You want references for that resin system in that kind of environment. If he tells you he did a firehouse and you’re asking him to do a commercial kitchen, apples and oranges; two different things.

Follow up on references.  References are very, very important.

Do they show up on time?  How is their workmanship?  Depending on the environment, again, some environments require different skill sets.

Make sure when you’re calling on references, you’re calling on a like minded situation.

Is it a compactor room, garbage room? Is it a residential bathroom? Is it a commercial kitchen?


coating servicesYou need to think about six mobilizations for some coating systems, make sure references include somebody who’s done something like that.

It just makes sense that you need to check on a similar situation that use similar industrial coatings.

There are great coating companies and installers that would never be recommended to do something that even smelled like residential quality that may require only thin film coatings. It’s just a different world.

Quality contractors getting $30 coating cost a square foot every day of the week, and people think, “Man how do they get that?”

Well, they’re doing a little bathroom and they’re getting paid enough money to do whatever it takes to make that thing look perfect. If they need to do an extra coat, they do an extra coat.

If they need to do an extra broadcast they do an extra broadcast; there’s no questions asked.

What they do at the start and whenever they’re ever going to finish and whatever happens in between, that’s how it comes out perfectly.

You’re not going to get rich doing little bathrooms like that, but it is nice having all the pressure off from the financial side just to satisfy the customer.

2. Licensed, if necessary.

3. Insured, always.

4.  Experience

Five years minimum experience installing the resin system you’re asking him to install in the particular area you want coated. Contractors don’t have only one term to describe their coating and application services business.

So depending on the work to be done, a contractor who has experience in industrial coating services, commercial coating services, epoxy coating services or specialized coating services may perform well on your job.

ISO 9001 coating services are a real plus when evaluating an industrial coating service company.

5.  Prepping & Coating Equipment

Does the contractor providing the coating processes own all his own prepping and coating equipment or does he sub out the prepping of the jobs to a prepping service company?

6.  Payroll

Are all the people doing the commercial coating services on the job covered by workman’s compensation, disability. Always think about the lawyers first. It’s always about the money.

7.  Background Check

I would do a D&B background check to see if he has any tax liabilities and how fast bills are paid. If the paydex isn’t over 63, don’t hire him.

8.  Response Time

Did he respond timely? Slow response to your call the first time, don’t expect him to respond timely if there is repair work or coating services that needs to be done.

If you can’t get him there to do the job, how are you going to get him back to do something for free when application services are done and you already paid him?

9.  Office skills

How are his office skills? What office back-up does the contractor provide. Is the address a PO Box? If so get the physical location of the company.

10.   Provide 24/7 Contact Information

What is the owner’s cell phone number?  Was the cell phone number offered without asking for it?

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